Our Fabric Range

With over 30 years of experience fabricating canvas and PVC outdoor products, you can rest assured that when it comes to choosing the right fabrics we know our stuff. The experts in our field, we only choose the very best tried and tested fabrics from all over Australia, Europe and the USA for our collections. We also hand pick the finest and most popular colours giving you the best options when choosing a fabric for your Awnings, Umbrellas, Outdoor Blinds, Retractable Roofs and Shade Sails.

Solution Dyed Acrylic 

100% solution dyed acrylic fabrics, so the colour is locked right into the very core of the fibres providing superb long-lasting ultra vivid colours.  Our acrylics incorporate an exceptional dirt and water resistant finish.

High Tenacity PVC 

Our PVC membranes do not tear or stretch, ensuring our awnings and umbrellas last over time. With an exceptional ability to resist UV damage due to rigorous pigment selection and thicker yarn crest coating than the competion.

PVC Coated Polyester 

A breathable fabric that allows light and cool breezes to filter through, with a reduction of solar heat gain by up to 99%. Exceptionally resistant to harsh weather conditions and very easy to maintain with anti-bacterial treatments.

  High  Tensile Shade Cloth

Heat set very heavy duty kitted shade cloth, supported by engineering certification and made from virgin resins and the best UV stabilisers. Maintains high stability and strength under tension with less shrinkage than most other shade cloths.

 Fabrics engineered for outdoors

All our fabrics have been specially designed and engineered for long lasting use outdoors. With a high level of UV resistance and mechanical strength, our fabrics are highly resistant to fading, tearing and stretching. We also only use lifetime warranty Tenara® threads or modern welding techniques to join our fabrics, ensuring all our fabric products are truly built to last.


Our Acrylic fabric is used primarlily for our awnings and umbrellas, however it is also used on our Outdoor blind products either as a blockout fabric or as a supporting framework for our clear windows.


Highly water resistant with waterproof options

Large colour/pattern range

Exceptional long-term colour fastness


Ideal for waterproof awnings, retractable roofs and architectural umbrellas, our high tenacity PVC has a unique satin finish to give a modern high end finish to your project.


Maximum UV protection

Excellent stability and mechanical strength


PVC Mesh

During the day our PVC Mesh allows you to see out through the fabric while maintaining privacy inside. You get to keep the views while stopping the sun , wind and a majority of the rain.


High visibility out

Blocks and reflects up to 95% of solar energy

Allows air to pass through

Shade Cloth

Our Shade Cloth offers excellent weight to strength ratio and allows for high tensile loadings. It is made from virgin resins and the best UV stabilisers which are lead and heavy metal free.


Less shrinkage than other shade cloths

Over 90% UV Protection

Engineering certification

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Providing the very best solutions in both permanent and retractable awnings,  retractable roofs, umbrellas, shade sails and outdoor blinds. Designed and manufactured in Perth WA, servicing clients all over Australia including  Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. Contact us to see how we can create a unique solution for your requirements.